Yule Frolics!

Ladies and gentlemen, hullo!

As you will be aware, on account of there being very little daylight around at the moment, our shiny blue planet plummets on its unceasing course around the Sun, plunging us northern hemisphereites into the depth of winter. Darned gravity.

Still, this annual sojourn into cold-and-dark traditionally requires the application of A Right Knees-Up, in order to stave off the December gloom.

Fortunately, your friendly local pagan society has it covered. The Chesterfield Pagans 2013 Yule Bash is a go.

If you’d like to attend and experience the frolics for yourself, please memorise and eat the following details:

The Where: Eyre Chapel, off Newbold Road (B6051), Chesterfield (the regular haunt for the drumming evenings).  Postcode S41 8RH.

The When: 21st December – Saturday – from 18:00 (6pm) until we all get tired or the neighbours kick us out.

The What: We currently have confirmed performances from local poet Tony Keeton; belly dancing by Tyler and her troupe; and Darren Ramsdale will be providing some suitably rambunctious and ribald songery for us. We’ll also have the traditional Wheel of the Year, and there’ll be other performances yet to be confirmed.

There will be a food share, so we’d invite attendees to bring along a contribution to one of the standard three food groups: Meaty; Veggie and Sweetie stuffs.

There’ll also be an open ritual celebrating Yule.

It’s an open gathering, no tickets required; come along and mellow yourself out of the midwinter malaise.  Further details will be confirmed as we get them.  If you’ve any questions, feel free to send them to Cat at coldwind757@gmail.com.

Elsewise, we look forward to seeing you there. 🙂


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