New Location for Moots

Dear Readers, with an especial focus on those with a desire to attend the Chesterfield Pagans moots, please lend me your ears reading tackle for a moment or two’s important announcement.

As you may or may not know, due to the imminent sale of the New Inn, Hasland – home to our moots and rituals and various other get-togethers these past several years – we’ve had to find a new home for same.

It is a sad day, forsooth – yet Our Dawn has been diligently scouring the town for suitable new venues and has met with SUCCESS.  We are therefore ambivalent to announce that from November, Chesterfield Pagans moots will be held at the Spital Hotel, Spital Lane at Chesterfield, which is basically just down the road and actually a little nearer the town centre, and looks like this:

The Spital Hotel

So anyone who’s ever thought they’d go to the moot if was a bit closer to the town centre, come join us, or think up a better excuse.  Make it convincing.  Something involving alien mind-control always goes down well.

Unfortunately, due to the pressures of the market, the Spital can’t offer us their room for free as the New Inn could.  For this reason we’re now forced to ask for a £1 donation from each attendee to cover the hire of the space.

So, in summary:


Chesterfield Pagans moots will from henceforth take place at The Spital Hotel, Spital Lane, Chesterfield S41 0HL, at the junction of St Leonards Drive.  They will still be every second Tuesday starting in November.  We’ll need to ask for a £1 donation to cover costs.

Please note that the Samhain ritual on 26 October will still take place at the New Inn, Hasland.


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