Lammas Camp 2013 – Workshops

Good evening, good readers!

/trumpet fanfare

Many of you will no doubt be champing at the shackles of your day-to-day lives, eager – nay, positively dizzy and frothing – with the promise of the DERBYSHIRE PAGANS LAMMAS CAMP 2013.

(I know I am.  Giddiness: I am it.)

The Material Dates speed closer like a thunderous train hauling  trucks full of revelry, celebration, ritual, dancing, drumming and intoxication (enjoy this last truck responsibly, please).  But what the train also pulls is the humungous weight of KNOWLEDGE what you bright and shiny people will be bringing with you.  Y’all have SKILLS, and what’s the best-feeling thing a person can do with SKILLS?  That’s right: show ’em off!  I mean, share ’em for the greater good of all!

Well, lemme tell you, Reader Of Ours, we’re keen to learn from you: whatever your expertise, wherever your talent may lie, we want a big ol’ slice of that moist and tasty cake that is your erudition and experience, oh yes.

So if you’ve got a bit of something you’d like to flaunt in front of fascinated observers – be it theoretical learning or a practical workshop of some sort – then dispatch a private message to Gwen Hopkinson on that there Facebook, or email the very same HERE, and let her know what you’d like to do, and when, and how long you think you’ll want to go on for (within reason).  She’ll assemble the schedule and post up the info boards for each day of the camp.

Gorn, yernaya wanna.


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