Pagan Basics: Singing Bowl

The Pagan Basics series is for those looking to find out more about the basic concepts, symbols and values of paganism.  A series of short articles which give explanations to some of paganism’s most fundamental concepts, images and shared understandings.

A singing bowl is an item that some pagans choose to keep in their personal altars.  Like drums, a singing bowl may be used within ritual, as a method of sound healing, to accompany meditation, or general social use to accompany drums, chanting or dancing within a group.singing-bowl


Singing bowls come in a variety of different sizes and may be patterned or plain on the outside.  They are played by running a wooden beater around the outside edge to create vibration in the bowl.  The larger the bowl, the deeper the note produced.

singing bowls plainYou may also find them called Tibetian Singing Bowls, rin gongs or Himalayan Bowls.

singing bowl_Kiyomizu-dera,_Kyoto


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