Pagan Who’s who: discussion time

So, we’ve been looking at some awesome people in this monthly series, what I want to know is: who influences you when it comes to pagan and spiritual matters?  Is there someone we’ve missed out whom our readers should know a little more about?  An author, musician, spiritual philosopher, teacher, campaigner: we’ve only included a small selection so far, there are plenty more individuals who’ve influenced and contributed to the richness of the modern pagan scene.  Tell us who, a little about the work they’ve undertaken and why you admire them, and we’ll do further posts in the series 🙂

Just in case you’ve missed one, here’s the list so far:

1 Doreen Valiente
2 Graham Hancock
3 Gerald Gardner
4 Wendy Rule
5 Roberta Stewart
6 Jerica Haynes
7 Selena Fox
8 Issac Bonewits
9 Scott Cunningham
10 Margot Adler
11 Austin Osman Sparre
Aleister Crowley
13 Arthur Edward Waite
14 Doris Stokes
15 Raven Kaldera
16 Meg Falconer

17 Sybil Leek
18 Dr Belinda Winder
19 Anne Stokes

20 Dr Doreen Virtue
21 Nicholas Culpepper


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