Hasfest date change

Hail one and all,

Due to the powers that be (and we wish they weren’t…) , the date for Hasfest has been moved.  The dates are now confirmed as:

24th – 26th May 2013 at the regular spot of the New Inn, Hasland Chesterfield.

Also for all you early birds *trumpet fanfare* the tickets for the Lammas Summer Camp are now on sale.  You can either purchase them at a Chesterfield pagans moot, or contact Cherill directly 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hasfest date change

  1. This is a message from Hasfest HQ

    You may have noticed that the date of this years Hasfest has changed. Unfortunately ,for various reasons we can’t stage the event on the usual weekend ,and we are trying to find a date that fits to everyone. At one stage it looked like we may have to cancel Hasfest ,which is the last thing we want to do.

    Dates of 10th ,11th ,12th of May were suggested but this causes a problem for a lot of people ,which of course we are trying to avoid.

    So here is another ,and hopefully the last, change to the dates .

    THE NEW DATES ARE : 24th ,25th ,26th OF MAY 2013

    Really sorry for all the messing about we are just trying to make the magic happen for everyone .We hope these new dates are cool ,the last thing we want to do is cancel this year ,especially in light of the fact that ,due to reasons out of our control , this may be the last Hasfest

    Once again sorry to the crew and everyone for any hassle ,but there again we should embrace this chaos for this is shamanismpaganismrocknroll !

    Take care guys and see ya soon

  2. There is a link on the facebook page for buying tickets for Lammas Camp and Cherill’s contact details, the link for tickets is also on the Derbyshire Pagans web page.

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