Rhubarb Farm: a social initiative

You may or may not not know that on the border of our fair county lies a very special farming project. Rhubarb Farm serves areas where poverty, high unemployment and deprivation are deeply entrenched in the local communities.  It is run with the help of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds, from recovering substance abusers, to people with long term mental health issues, ex-offenders, those on work placement, people with learning disabilities or those who want to just learn how to grow vegetables.

The project was begun in 2011 on neglected farmland, and has now grown to include a Youth Worker, a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme worker to support ex-offenders and a Drugs and Alcohol Worker to support ex-substance abusers.

In July 2012 they began supplying local people with produce in a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme.  The annual commitment of the buyers helps to employ people on the site to produce the crops.  They also have a partnership with Food Aware of Rotherham to supply families in food poverty.

Their organically grown produce is available for individuals, retailers and restaurants.  They also run courses in organic horticulture, food preparation and woodworking.  In the future, they plan to expand into green conferencing and tourism and green waste recycling.

You can find out more about volunteering at the farm HERE



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