A Call to Keyboard/Pen

Ladies, gentlemen and others,

Perhaps you’re aware of, and perhaps you’ve attended, some of the various events that Chesterfield Pagans have organised over the last several years on the land at the rear of the New Inn at Hasland, Chesterfield. From Hasfest to handfastings, open rituals, moots and goblin markets, our community and our friends have been gathering there these past years.

Now, however, this patch of land is under threat: housing developers have targeted it for a new estate of 160 dwellings, which is in the final stages of planning approval. The North-East Derbyshire District Council stands to receive £1.1 million in central government grants if the proposal is given ultimate approval.

Local residents and the pagan community of Chesterfield are seeking your support. If the site, and the work our community has put into it, has meaning for you, then please, add your voice to the local campaign to deter the destruction of this land.

For more information, please visit the Hasland and Winsick website, and send any comments on the development scheme to:


The Hasland and Winsick group will forward your comments on to the NEDDC case worker for the development.

Please make sure you include your full name and address along with your submissions, otherwise the Council will disregard your comments.

And please, do act quickly: we only have days remaining.

Thank you.


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