Haunted Derbyshire – part 5

This five part mini-series will look at some of the haunted spots within our county borders.  From stately homes to run down terraces, waterfalls to woodlands, mines and quarries, there are plenty of ghostly goings-on to delight and disturb.

The last part of Haunted Derbyshire looks at the hauntings of the rectory at Glossop.

In 1865 the first rural dean of Glossop, John Dickenson Knowles, his wife Mary Louisa and their ten children moved into Glossop rectory.  It was customary then for parishoners to call for ‘councilling’ but when two days after moving in, Mary Knowles saw a woman going up the stairs, she felt this was a bit of a liberty.  Mrs’ Knowles went up after her to find out why she was there and followed her into a room only to find it empty.

A few days later the mysterious woman was seen standing at the doorway to the basement, and on a further occasion the rector saw a woman outside on the croquet lawn.  One of the children came to tell them that there was a woman sat in the dining room, and thinking it was one of his parishoners, the rector went inside, finding the room empty.

Their cook was also disturbed by a figure who entered her bedroom leaned over her bed.  She refused to enter the room again, even to pack her belongings.  The following Sunday the cook saw a black robed figure walk right through the kitchen.  Before she handed her notice in, the rector was able to get a description identifying the intruder as a post-reformation clergyman.

Research showed that the ghosts could be former occupants of the rectory, A husband and wife who argued so much that she killed him and pushed his body down the well.

The Knowles family stayed in the rectory for 23 years, since then, many tenants have experienced strange occurrences.


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