Winter Solstice Celebrations Reminder

Hail one and all,The Wheel has turned and it’s now close to the time where we welcome back the sun, celebrate the longest night and generally have a good mid-winter knees up.  This year we have an open celebration to which all are welcome, to a night of pagan pagentry, laughter and ritual.

The evening will be held at: Eyre Chapel, Newbold, Chesterfield.  This is the location of our monthly drumming meets, and is behind the Old Nags Head pub.  For those who have not visited before, there’s car parking available on site.  Please go round the side of the pub, through their car park and past the big gates to find a separate car park just for the chapel use.

We’ll start the evening with a ritual, which might be a little on the short side, as we’re going to be outside and it’s going to be about as far away from a balmy summers day as you can get… before heading indoors to the entertainment part of the evening.  For your delectation, we have a variety of light entertainments planned, from short films to singers, sing-a-long songs and a stand up comedian so the evening promises to be varied at least 🙂

There will also be a foodshare, so bring a bit to share and your appetite, you now how these things go 🙂

When is this fabulous fun-filled night I hear you ask?  It’s to be held on the solstice itself, 21st December, to start around 7pm


4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Celebrations Reminder

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one to spot the deliberate mistake, shouldn’t it be longest night not shortest, or am I missing a joke here?

    • …just put it down to lack of sleep, or the fact that my Wheel of the Year must be a very funny shape… thanks for pointing that out, it’s changed to what it should have been in the first place:) ~ amalasuntha

  2. Another deliberate mistake I noticed is that it is headed ‘reminder’, but this appears to be the first post for this event (only a week from the date) and is not even listed on the calendar page or on the events page!

    The ritual is adaptable to being held inside if the weather is too bad and there will be a fire outside to get warm by plus an awning to keep rain off. As well as the entertainment mentioned there will drumming as well if people want to bring their drums.

    This is a wonderful site constantly update with many and varied interesting articles, but as well as just being a virtual presence it is here to publicise the events that Chesterfield Pagans hold in the real lets get together face to face world as well, such as Hasfest, Camp, Samhain and moots. Not everybody is going to want to look on our facebook page to find out what is happening, which is why this site is as valuable a resource, to inform a wider circle of people, of the events they can choose to attend and meet people.

  3. Greeting to one and all. I quite agree with Dawn this site is great and that is thanks to our web looker afterers. So mistakes an all I say on behalf of us Pagans and the likes many thanks. As the one who will be doing the ritual, I concure it will not be much more than 15/20 mins. So wrap up warm, thermals, bootees and mitts, or whatever takes your fancy and we will merry meet.

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