Haunted Derbyshire- part 4

This five part mini-series will look at some of the haunted spots within our county borders.  From stately homes to run down terraces, waterfalls to woodlands, mines and quarries, there are plenty of ghostly goings-on to delight and disturb.

Haunted Derbyshire part 4 looks at the tale of Maria Foote, who is said to haunt Elvaston Castle near Derby.

It began as a love affair between the 4th Earl of Harrington and an actress, Maria Foote.  They defied convention and married in 1831, which was scandalous at the time, so for their love she was kept as a recluse at Elvaston Castle.  For twenty years Maria was kept here in isolation from the social world she was used to, having been a popular Covent Garden actress.

The current staff at the castle have often heard bumps and footsteps in the empty buildings, and the slim figure of a lady and a large white dog are said to be seen within the grounds, and traveling from the house to the nearby churchyard.


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