Haunted Derbyshire – Part 2

This five part mini-series will look at some of the haunted spots within our county borders.  From stately homes to run down terraces, waterfalls to woodlands, mines and quarries, there are plenty of ghostly goings-on to delight and disturb.

Part 2 of Haunted Derbyshire gives the Grey Bride of Barlborough Hall.  There are in fact two Halls in Barlborough, Barlborough Old Hall and Barlborough Hall.  Interestingly, the ghost of the Grey Bride is attributed to both.

Barlborough Old Hall is now privately owned, and Barlborough Hall is a school, a Grade 1 listed building built for Justice Frances Smith, one of the judges who tried Mary, Queen of Scots.

It is said that tragedy struck one day, the wedding day of the daughter of the hall.  She left to make her way to the church, and as she did so, news was received that her groom had been killed on his journey.  Distraught, she rushed back to the hall and threw herself from the battlements.  It is now believed that every full moon, the grey bride can be seen drifting round the battlements.


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