Samhain open ritual reminder

Hail one and all,

This years open ritual to mark Samhain will be on the evening of 27th October at the back of the New Inn, Hasland, Chesterfield.  As last year there will be a full open ritual for all to join in and be made welcome.

This years ritual will be done in different styles, with individuals representing different pagan beliefs and structures each contributing to the ceremony, to recognise the ancestors and the part they continue to play in our lives.

There will be people leading sections representing the beliefs and viewpoints of eclectic pagans, druids, wiccans, religio romana, heathens and perhaps a special bit involving crocodiles… but, shhhh! don’t tell everyone, they’ll all want one.

Fancy dress, for wee bairns and adults alike, is especially welcome :) If you are bringing children with you, please let us know as we’d like to organise getting treats in for them and knowing rough numbers would be good 🙂

There is to be a pumpkin carving competition, divided into children and adults sections and a lovely autumn foodshare, all are welcome whatever path or calling.

Hope to see you there :)


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