Workshops by Jane Meridith in Sheffield

Hail and Welcome Sheffield Pagans!  This comes from them:

During October, Jane Meredith, Wiccan priestess, facilitator at the Goddess
conference and Witch fest and author of ‘Descent to the Goddess’ and
‘Aphrodite’s Magic’ is coming from Australia to run two workshops in
Sheffield and a talk at Airy Fairy.

21st October -The Sacred Marriage a one day workshop for men and women cost
£50.00 see below for details

27th and 28th October– Aphrodite’s Magic a two day workshop for women only
cost £100 plus £8.00 for materials, but if booked before end of September
£20.00 discount. See below for details

If you book both, you will receive a further £25.00 discount

24th October: An evening talk about her work at Airy Fairy London Road Sheffield cost

Places at all events are limited so book early to avoid disappointment, ring
Ali Harrison on 01142552769 or email her:


The Sacred Marriage.  21st October

Sharrow Performance Space, Sharrow Infants School, Sheffield

10-5pm bring lunch to share.

Cost £50.00

When the God and Goddess meet in sacred marriage it is the union of opposite
and equal powers as well as the union of love. Their joining is a symbol of
the fullness we seek in our relationships and also the integration we strive
for within ourselves. The mythological love stories of many different
cultures teach of the paths that lead towards this ideal and in following
those paths we receive some of this essence.

This is a dynamic, fully participative workshop set in sacred space that
explores sacred marriage using symbolism and creative ritual, the ancient
love poetry of Inanna and Dumuzi and other stories from myth. Invoking the
divine energy of sacred marriage we experience the power that flows between
the God and Goddess and learn how to translate that into our own lives and
relationships. This can be a place of healing, joy and revelation. To work
these stories is also to participate in and contribute towards the union of
God and Goddess energies on our planet.

Aphrodite’s Magic.  27th and 28th October

Sharrow Performance Space, Sharrow Infants School,
Sheffield 10-5pm bring lunch to share.

Cost 100 + £8 for materials

£20.00 discount if booked before the end of September

Aphrodite, ancient Greek goddess of love and passion, was said to have a
magical belt, a girdle that made the wearer sexually irresistible. Journey
back to the times of the Temples of the Goddess, where we can again weave
her magic and participate in her qualities.

This workshop explores the mystery at the centre of our women’s bodies. In a
safe, supportive environment each woman will explore her relationship to her
own sexuality. Taking the form of a sacred inner journey, this work involves
the collecting, healing and empowering of the different strands of our
sexuality that have been damaged, wounded or simply not freely expressed in
our lives. This is a magical process combining song, memory, ritual, movement
and dance, inner reflection and group work. Issues that can be worked on
include fear of intimacy, past hurts such as incest and rape, self-love and
sexual confidence. During the workshop each woman will create her own Girdle
of Aphrodite, which will have her power, her delight, her healing and the
magic of the Goddess woven into it. This seven-stranded girdle, made and
decorated by the participant, can then be placed on an altar, worn as
adornment or used in further ritual. Reclaiming, healing and celebrating our
sexuality with other women leads us into the dance of life with the goddess,
whose sexuality is free and beautiful and sacred. Jane Meredith’s book,
Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality is based on this
workshop and includes rituals, discussion of seven aspects of women’s
sexuality and the magical spell for you to weave your own girdle.


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