Summer Drumming Day – Request for Numbers

Ladies and gentlemen!  The Summer Drumming Day at Beeley doth approach.  For organisational and admin-y purposes for the Village Hall, we do need to get some idea of numbers we expect to be attending.

Can we therefore ask that, if you’re thinking of joining us, you drop us a line HERE, or leave a comment here on the site, and tell us how many you’ll be bringing so we can give the Hall admins a rough number.

Also, there will be a food share – because apparently I have to practise sharing my food, for some reason – so if you’d like to join in on that (it’s food!), we’d ask you to bring along a little something to throw into the mix.  Not literally throw. And not literally mix, I guess, either. Unless it’s, like, sponge, jelly, cream and that. But I’m just trifling now…  Ahar. Sorry.

Anyway, we look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you there. 🙂


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