Photos from Lammas Camp 2012

Hail one and all, hopefully you’ve recovered by now from the wonders, sights and late nights that was this years Lammas Camp.

Camp for us began on Thursday lunchtime, although some of the crew had been there since Monday, setting up marquees, healing areas, clearing the firepit out, transporting and stacking the woodpile and generally making ready for the annual migration.

I present a selection of photographs from the camp, just as a taster, whilst we re-organise that section of the website and make a permanent gallery section for this year’s pictures.

The opening ceremony on Thursday night was notable for the great storm which circled all the way round our hillside with spectacular thunder and lightening before burning itself out – causing some of us to Hail Thor!, and some of us to run for cover and then ‘hail thor‘ (really quietly so as to respect him but not to provoke his tempers any more than they were already…)

We welcomed old friends and new faces with equal enthusiasm, making new friends sometimes quite unexpectedly:

The whole site was filled with bright tents, flags and laughter.


The flag strips around the healing tent area.

The piper on the hill, sending notes to the wind:

The landscape out there is such that sometimes you just have to run into it whooping with laughter…

… and fall over:

A familiar face draws out the Nine Men’s Morris board in preparation for later games:

The marquees are up:

And decorations are out:

The storm clouds build:



The storm hits, the dragon bellows…

…and finally abates:


Saturday night marked the big open ritual, pagans of all flavours dressed their best for the evening:


Sunday morning and toes are warmed by the fire:

I also managed to take a few photographs of folks during the celebrations:






If you have any photographs of your own that you’d like us to put up – send them in and we’ll create your very own gallery on the forthcoming page 🙂

The above pictures are mostly 10×8″ and reduced quality to assist in page loading times.  If you’d like a copy of the original of any of the above pictures, just drop me a line and I can send you the original and edited versions 🙂


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