Karma: discussion time

Most pagans have a personal understanding that their actions, thoughts and deeds have an impact on and are connected to the greater world around us, but to what extent?  The idea of karma, that of action or deed cause and effect can be seen in many modern pagan philosophies, faith reconstructions, relationships with the divine and personal beliefs.

According to your own personal viewpoint, what role does the consideration of karma play in your life and the lives of people around you?  Do you see it working in other people’s lives, and do you see others getting just rewards for their actions and choices?  Could you undertake a morally grey action for a guaranteed positive outcome? Do you understand the karmic effect to result in positive effects and rewards in this existence, or that your actions and thoughts in this incarnation will solely affect your standing in the next?  If you believe in the wiccan rule of three, or the threefold law (that which is done returns to you threefold), then does a multitude of good actions taken by one individual balance out the necessity of undertaking one bad one?  Or do you choose to balance your actions and choices as an even mixture, reasoning that it is more accurate to keep the individual karmic neutral balance than to place emphasis on one moral standpoint over the other?

How do you decide what a good or bad action is, (is it based on the anticipated outcome, a moral or ethical decision, or simply what is legal under current law and no more?) and do you consider the consequences or potential karmic rewards making a decision?

Have you ever felt a person or a place has bad karma, or good karma?  what kind of personal feelings does it generate, and if a place has a sense of bad karma about it, do you choose to undertake any actions to re-balance it towards a more neutral feel, or simply let it be as it may already be part of the balance?

If you know you have lived on this earth before, what karmic effect did that life have on your current one?  Do you feel you have bad karma to work through, a life lesson to re-learn, or are you being rewarded for a morally correct past life which contained a number of positive actions and deeds?

Let the discussions begin 🙂


2 thoughts on “Karma: discussion time

  1. Short answers to some of your questions.
    Yes I do believe in Karma. I see it at work when those around me get their comeuppance, just another way of saying payback time for Karmic bad/good deeds, as comeuppance can be either punishment or reward.

    I do not particularly associate Karma with the atmosphere of places, again good/bad, but I think people are easier to read in this respect.

    Making decisions just to earn Karmic points does not seem right to me. Sometimes you can do the right thing for the wrong reason and vice versa, Karma is not just about future lives, it brings to the present rewards and punishment from the past too. I think that Karma is in the lap of the gods/goddesses and no matter how we analyse it, it is not for us to say how things will work out for us as we are not solitary individuals, we must do things that affect others for their Karma to be worked out.

    I like to think there is a balance in all things and that we work with the world Karma for a progression in spirit.

    Blessings to all.Newbold Witch.

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