Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2012

Hail one and all,

The Lammas camp is almost upon us, with only a few short sleeps to go before our main event of the summer.   The finishing touches are being put to the schedule of workshops, talks and demonstrations that are planned, and the final plans for the weekend should be posted up here soon – watch this space!

Incidentally, even if you’re working on pagan time, you should have booked your tickets by now and have confirmation of your booking.  If not, and you’d like to come and celebrate Lammas with a multitude of mighty madness and pagan frivolity, the chance to acquire new skills, share information, celebrate old friendships and make new ones, and purchase new pagan bling, then the time to purchase your tickets is now – go do it!

If you’re already sat in smug satisfaction, with tickets pinned safely to the fridge door/ put on top of the piano/ attached to the cats collar for safekeeping, then hurrah!  Good show old bean, we’ll see you there 🙂


6 thoughts on “Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2012

  1. Hi
    Can you tell me if there are tickets still available for the camp please? 2 adults (1 tent) but can only be there from early Saturday morning through to Sunday. If yes, can I confirm I would need to book 2 x 1 night tickets?
    Many thanks
    Lesley /|\

    • Hail Lesley,
      Yes, you would need to book 2×1 night tickets for two adults staying one night – there’s a link on the website ho0mepage for online sales in the right hand bar, or you can leave a message here for Cherril (handling ticket sales) and we’ll pass it on for you 🙂
      ~ Amalasuntha

  2. Hi Amalasuntha
    Thanks for coming back so promptly. I should have asked this before. If I order tickets on the site would they be posted out and would they get here in time? Or would it be better to order and pick up on the gate? Happy to do which is best.
    Thank you
    Lesley /|\

    • Hail Lesley,
      It is getting a bit close to trust to the wonders of the Royal Mail! I know there are several folks pre-paying and picking their tickets up on the gate when they arrive, if you’d like you could drop me an e-mail with a contact number in and I’ll pass it onto Cherrill, our ticket lady, asap. She could give you a call then and sort out logistics?
      You can reach me at
      If not I can pass your message on and ask her to e-mail you about it?
      Let me know what you’d like 🙂
      ~ Amalasuntha

  3. Hi Amalasuntha
    Did you get my email yesterday and have you passed my phone numbers to Cherrill?

    Just wondering if it’s the same Cherrill who’s going to Mercian and working in the Info Tent? If so, it’s with me.

    Lesley /|\

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