Pagan Pride 2012

As you’ll know, we’re gearing up for the forthcoming epic adventure that is the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2012, due to take place in early August. However, there will no doubt be some of you who can’t make it to the camp but who might be looking for alternative local examples of a Right Good Pagan Knees-Up.

If you fall into the latter category, then we’re sorry we won’t see you in our sun-soaked* field in August, but you might consider going along to the 2012 Pagan Pride festival to be held in Nottingham on Sunday 05 August.

The day begins with a parade meeting in the Market Square at 1030hrs, then the festival itself in the Arboretum between 1200-1800hrs. There will be live music, speakers (that’s people who speak, not speakers to play the music through, although no doubt they will be included), workshops, food and drink, crafts and all manner of other suchlike.

If you’d like more information, wander over to for more details.

[* The sun has been pre-booked.  We’re not sure if you can sue a star for breach of contract, but we’re prepared to give it all we’ve got.]


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