Summer Drumming Day

Hail one and all,

For those around in August of last year, you might just have heard about or been to our handfasting in Beeley village.  Tiro and I would like to make this a yearly event, and cordially invite you and yours to a days drumming in Beeley to mark the anniversary of said occasion.

We’re thinking a nice simple day: foodshare at the village hall and lots and lots of drumming in the sunshine!  Hopefully we can get a few writer types as last time to round off the day.

The date we have provisionally booked for this is 25th August 2012, we’ll put up plenty of reminders beforehand, so’s that you all can come along and help celebrate with some late summer drumming and merrymaking 🙂


7 thoughts on “Summer Drumming Day

    • Hail and Welcome!
      Y’know, that does sound a bit awesome, we would be honoured to have you join us 🙂

      • And I’d love to come … I’ve earmarked 25th Aug but you’re a bot of a way from Hereford, is there anywhere I can pitch my tent the Fri & Sat nights?

      • Hurrah! give us a mo and we’ll see what we can do, we’ll drop you an e-mail with some options if that’s ok?

  1. Grand :-), shall look out for it … and I’ll likely see you at the Camp at the beginning of Aug? When I come up, maybe for the drumming, I’d love to get over to the Cresswell Caves, not seen them yet and with my name I definitely follow Elen the Deer Lady :-).

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