Photographs from a Spring Walk in Padley Gorge

Just before the wonders of rainy Hasfest hit, Tiro and I went walking up Padley Gorge to go have a wander and take some pictures.  The walk around Padley Gorge is located just next to Grindleford Railway Station, and so it was that we found ourselves sharing our afternoons walk with a fair few others, all out to enjoy the countryside and weather.

totley tunnel

Not far off the station, is the entrance to Totley Tunnel, looking beautifully ominous in the sunshine.

The woods of Padley Gorge come alive with the green breath of late spring:

padley gorge woods

The bracken unfurls:

bracken unfurls

The beech leaves begin:

beech leaf unfurls

and the bluebells are out in brilliant shades of purple-blue:


Running parallel to the path is Burbage Brook at the base of the gorge:

Burbage Brook

which winds down through the trees:

Burbage Brook 2

Bracken finds itself growing in between the rocks in the middle of the Brook:

Bracken and Brook

There’s still plenty of dead wood around, from drift wood caught between stones in the brook:

To remains of trunks still upright in the forest floor:


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