Gone to Hasfest IV…

See you there 🙂


3 thoughts on “Gone to Hasfest IV…

  1. Been to Hasfest, had a most bodaceious muddy time.Spent pennies on nice shiny things. Met and gret old and new friends. The spectacular grove made it even more special. The hard work the ‘leaders’ we don’t have and the crew really exceeded expectations. A BIG THANKS to all. Also may I just say thanks to all who signed the petition to try and stop the bulldozers from demolishing our little bit of haven. The Burning Man looked spectacular in all his splendour along side the Green (silver)Lady. The ‘Sonic Jamming’ sounded awesome. All in all a fab fab fab time thanks. The magpie!

  2. Photos here: hopefully visible to all (although on Facebook the album has been made public). Let me know if a problem and I’ll upload to Flikr.

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