Hasfest IV – a few pointers for harmonious celebration

Hail one and all,

The countdown to Hasfest IV has now begun in earnest – it’s only a few short days away!  With that in mind, and knowing that you’ve already got all your stuff packed and waiting to head to the site, here are a few pointers from Gwen, Jay and your friendly crew.

General info and tips

Food drink and provisions
Once again, the owner and staff of the New Inn have allowed this event to happen for free, and shown tremendous support and respect.  So please support them in return by taking advantage of their fine beverages and well-priced food.

Hasland village is situated under a mile away from the New Inn.  There you will find a large number of shops, a late night garage and varied fast food outlets.

Hasfest survival guide
If you are camping, please bring adequate drinking water and it may be wise to have some consideration towards having access to a loo of your very own (for outside of pub opening hours…) .  Also please remember to bring bin bags, as all rubbish must be taken home with you at the end of your stay.

Please, please, please have a good time but be responsible, not only for yourselves but also for any children/animals you have with you.
Please show respect for the area, the local residents and our host The New Inn, and please be polite, courteous and tolerant with fellow Hasfest goers.
The crew give up their free time and money and work hard each year to ensure that we all have a free, relaxed, awesome weekend, please help them to make it happen.

For anyone that’s has their camping space booking for Hasfest by Gwen already:

  • Camping is free but basic, toilets are only available during pub opening hours.
  • There is no stand pipe or provision of drinking/ washing water, sinks are available for personal washing during pub opening hours.
  • There are no showers on site
  • Because Hasfest is not a ticketed event, the number of stalls and people wishing to camp is a bit of an unknown until the event is running.  We will always endeavor to accommodate everyone, but please be aware that space is limited and pitches may become ‘cosy’
  • Please be polite and courteous when pitching, as it is only for one or two nights.
  • Anyone with a caravan/motor home please see a member of the crew before pitching
  • Stallholders, please see a member of the crew before pitching so that we can provide you with a good position for trading
  • Please be aware that if space becomes an issue, we may ask for vehicles to be parked off site
  • All rubbish/ waste must be taken home with you.
  • Campers must leave the site by 4pm on Sunday

A big, big thanks to you all

Shamanismpaganismrockandroll 🙂


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