Pagan Basics: the series begins

A few weeks ago, Tiro and I were patronising our local favourite pagan/ new age supplies shop in town and we witnessed a conversation between another customer and the shop owner.  The customer was saying that he was new to paganism and didn’t quite know where to start – it got Tiro and I thinking and after the customer had left, we talked to the shop owner and decided that it might be a good plan to put up a basics series for those coming to paganism for the first time.  It’s a big confusing place when you look at all the subjects we cover and the concepts we talk about on a regular basis without ever really explaining them.  I’m sure you remember what it was like coming to the understanding that you were a pagan for the first time?  And not only that, but there were others living in the locality, who were experienced and already connected to each other?  You might have had a grasp of some ideas, but other concepts were baffling, even confusing until you got the hang of them and found your own feet.

In short the forthcoming series is dedicated to that new pagan chap we saw in the shop that day, asking lots of lovely questions and trying to make sense of it all – we hope this series of articles helps you and people like you understand things a bit better 🙂

Our first article will be published on May 15th, and the 15th of each subsequent month thereafter.  We have a good few articles lined up already, but if there’s anything you’d like to see in the series, please drop us an e-mail or a comment, it could be something we’ve not thought of!


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