Reaching out, making contacts

Hail to you good folks,

We’ve had an enquiry from just north of us in south Sheffield from a chap called Andrew.  He’d like to set up a ritual only moot in the south Sheffield, north Derbyshire area and would like to know if there’s any like-minded folks out there.  If you are interested in this, please reply directly to Andrew at his e-mail HERE , or leave a comment here and we’ll pass it on.

We’ve also had a comment from someone a little further afield in California, North Bay area.  If you are in contact with any pagans from there especially those interested in wicca, please could you get in touch HERE

While we’re on the subject of making contacts, the idea has been floated to host a permanent trades directory on this site to list pagan and pagan-friendly businesses.  We all know folks who are good contacts, so lets set up a place where those business contacts can be shared and recommended for others.  If you have a contact or two, drop us a message here through the Contact Us mail, catch us at a moot or elsewise get us the contact information and we’ll begin creating a directory 🙂


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