Hail to you, fair Lady of Spring

The recent sun has meant that Tiro and I have been able to spontaneously go out into the world to look at the seasons change and not get our fingers frozen off.  With the recent unseasonably hot weather, the cold of winter seems more than just a few short weeks ago.
But onwards! to the pictures: our first ramble was a three hour trundle up to Robin Hoods Stride, encompassing the nearby, but less visited Nine Stones Close:

robin hoods stride1

robin hoods stride 2

robin hoods stride 3

robin hoods stride 4The four stones of Nine Stones Close are just across a nearby field and are visible from the Stride.  In actuality there are five stones in the formation, with the fifth being integrated into a nearby stone wall between Nine Stones Close and the Stride.

Nine Stones Close 3

Nine Stones Close 1Below are the Stones with the Stride in the background.  The wall, containing the fifth stone is visible between the stones in the foreground.

Nine Stones Close 2

On our way back across the fields we spot some small iridescent beatles gathered on dock leaves.  Virtual pagan points to anyone who can identify them for us 🙂

iridescent beatles

Our second was the day after, the three hours previous tramping around not being enough, we spent another three hours walking over Beeley Moor, into the top of the Chatsworth Estate to go round the Emperor Lake and back again.

Along we go, looking at the wonderful scenery and new growth emerging:

beeley moor woods

new needlesWhen we spy a funny shaped stone, which proceeds to move as we get closer…

frog 1Frog!  I’ve not had chance to see one this close before, and the frog really doesn’t seem to mind the nearby presence of a zoom lens 🙂

We walk on, then there’s a rustle in the nearby leaves and another:

frog 2

And another;

frog 3Until we come across a small pond with a muddy base surrounded by stones just off the path, which has about a dozen frogs splashing around and generally enjoying the sunshine and each others company:

frog 4

frog 5

Circuit completed and back across the moor again we were pretty much tired out, and I found afterwards I’d actually caught the sun 🙂 In March, no less 🙂 *singe*


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