Asatru Study group reminder

Hail,  just a quick reminder that the Asatru Study group’s first meeting will be held on 25th Feb between 1-3pm – that’s this Saturday afternoon – if you’re planning on attending, please let me know.  The full meeting details are: Saturday 25th Feb, 1-3pm, Chandlers Bar, St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield.

If you’d like directions, parking recommendations or have a question or two on what it’s all about, get in touch 🙂


2 thoughts on “Asatru Study group reminder

  1. Hi ya, hope it goes well tomorrow, take cake that always helps get people talking;0). I would like to come and support you but weekends aren’t really great for me because of the kids. It seems unfair to get Ben to look after his brother for too long during the day and James I feel would get very bored of people just talking!

    Hope you two are ok, not seen you for ages.

    I did try logging on in the email bit at the top, but it kept giving me a red warning sign saying that @ wasn’t allowed! Don’t know how else to do an email address!

    I was wanting to ask if you thought it might be a good idea to put the camp details and how to buy tickets in the right hand column (like you did last year) as camp and Hasfest are not really obviously promoted at the mo and they are our main events, besides moots of course:0). Another good place would maybe be the events page, so that it has current events as well as past events. I know it is on the front page at the minute but as more items get added it will lose it’s place. I would find it hard to find the info if I didn’t know where to look so I’m sure others would too. Not trying to criticise as I think you both do an excellent job and deserve lots of cake;0)

    Hopefully see you around soon x

  2. Hail Dawn,
    Good thought about putting the Hasfest and Camp details on the right hand column, they should be up there now 🙂 We’ll do a separate page under the events section when we have a mo. You’re right about the posts scrolling down, we’ve a few planned before May comes round so the details of Hasfest would have got buried under the next few topics.
    Try logging onto your e-mail through the link in the sidebar: just below the new events section there’s a section labelled Chesterfield Pagans, and the bottom paragraph has a click HERE link to your e-mail login screen 🙂
    See you soon 🙂

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