The view of a modern follower of ancient Egyptian practices

With many thanks to the author Paul Clipsham, this is an explanation of his personal view on his own beliefs and practices:

The Ancient teachings of Egypt have made some impact in recent years and I hear the word Kemetic from Kam i.e. Egypt and there are a couple of groups in America but little apart from myself in the UK.
I like myself to hear as much as possible in my own language as everybody can immediately grasp what is being said. We mainly use the Greek names of the gods and I see no need to attempt to re-translate back to an imaginary Egyptian pronunciation.
The name of the teachings were called anciently “ The Coming Forth by Day “. This quaint title has rather stuck but a simpler translation is simply “ The Book of Enlightenment “

The first thing to realise when dealing with Ancient Egypt is that the teachings were practised over a continuous period of almost 5000 years. Society went through immense and continuous changes, unimaginable in our terms, yet the teachings retained their integrity. These included foreign occupations and ruling elites and even some kind of democracy.
The Pharaohs were not divine and had like you and me to practice and learn gradually. A Pharaoh Thutmoses leaves us his experiences when one day he during an important ritual an experienced astonishing elevated consciousness.
All the teachings are beautifully available to us in a complete form but it is necessary to reconnect with the essence. For this a pure heart is necessary and some persistence and humility.



I always recommend that original sources are used. Translations of temple rituals, pieces from the Pyramid and Coffin texts.
Obligatory however is learn the legends and especially the great legend Egypt the Horus-Set conflict with its many phase and allegories and stories.

My constant source-book is the Book of the Dead of Budge in its complete and volumous form. Its actual title is the Book of the Coming Forth by Day.
Firstly it it graded which means you are brought slowly though each stage of advancement right up to “ perfecting the spirit “ and beyond.
It is simple and straightforward to use because this is the way the Egyptian Teachings Work.
Egyptians commonly had household shrines to their favourite god. Here is also regional or city god and the dynasty god. So for instance – the Derby Ram would immediately link to Khnum or other Ram headed god from Egypt.



Also in the BoD [Book of the Dead] are rituals with suggestions as to for instance making little models or simply drawing the figures on a piece of fine linen. The rituals are not usually given in full though, and some teachings are quite pithy because they are meant to be given personally. Keys to deep knowledge are commonly transmitted this way. 
The biggest full teaching in the BoD is the Great Ritual in Abydos which is very useful to modern Pagans as it is a “ path working “ so modern Pagans should be comfortably with it. Abydos is the city of Osiris. Some work on this can be found

The first thing to learn is to identify yourself with Osiris who is the seed of perfect life within you which is dormant. Before justification he is shown with crossed arms – after they are uncrossed.
You also learn to identify yourself as a son/daughter of Horus, As the Pyramid text says “The mountains of Horus will lead me on to the mountains of Set “ 
The four sons of Horus each have a consort seen as statues beautifully modelled around king tuts coffin. The wife, the nurse, the queen and the housekeeper or secretary. Each initiate has 2 consorts or king/queen and secretary representing the left and right eyes.



The teachings of Ancient Egypt will adapt themselves in an unforced way to our own now as one practices.
Men and women are equal in the teachings.
Think of the gods as raw energies – the path of a human being is one of transformation.
Though each person will develop in a somewhat different way the BoD shows the first 17 chapters as preliminary and having entered and become used to the underworld and the inner life step by step one can relearn life in a new way. This is the long path of purification and development. You will see many phrases in the Egyptian twilight language such as. Getting a sail, receiving a renewed ability to walk, escaping from the net, not having your heart taken away and many many more.
Finally going before the 42 judges of the dead and proceeding to accomplishment and perfection.
Simple isn’t it!
A little more info at still in development The Followers of Horus



My favourite translation is Budge’s BoD – the Saite recension which is volumous but readable with many alternatives. If this is overwhelming at first try a short one.

If you would like to discuss any point made in this article, or have questions about modern practices in this area, you can contact the author, Paul Clipsham by e-mail at:  Paul will also be guiding initiation rituals at Robin Hood rocks in the near future.  Watch this site for further details.


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