Pagan Who’s who 7: Selena Fox

The Pagan Who’s who series contains information about current and recent notaries which have contributed to, or influenced the modern pagan scene.  Some names you may know already, some you may not, but all these people are dedicated and hard-working in their own particular specialised fields.  For pagan, spiritual, occult or faith matters who from the last generation influences and inspires you?

Rev Selena Fox is a wiccan priestess, qualified psychotherapist and lecturer in the fields of wicca, new age studies and comparative religion.

Rev Selena Fox

She attended her first pagan ritual age 21, and went on to found the Circle Sanctuary in 1974, one of Americas oldest pagan centres.  It’s headquarters are currently located in the Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, founded in 1983.  Circle Sanctuary’s quarterly journal CIRCLE Magazine (formerly, Circle Network News) was first published in 1978 as a newsletter, then as a newspaper in 1980, and in magazine format in 1997.  You can now download back issues from the website.  She is the founder of the Pagan Spirit Gathering, one of the oldest Nature Spirituality festivals in the United States and the Lady Liberty League – a movement for pagan religious freedoms. She has appeared in many publications and interviews, even managing a brief mention in TIME magazine.

She has written Circle Magick Songs in 1979, Goddess Communion: rituals and meditations in 1988 and Planetary Healing Rituals in 1991.  In 1995, she co-founded the Nature Religions Scholars Network, which in 2005 became the Contemporary Pagan Studies Consultation of the American Academy of Religion.

Her interfaith work has taken many forms and is on-going. For more than forty years, Rev. Fox has been active in interreligious social justice endeavors, including participation in local, national, and global actions and organizations working for civil rights, world peace, environmental preservation, and religious freedom. In addition, as minister and counselor, Selena works with individuals, couples, families, and communities to peacefully resolve conflicts rooted in religious and cultural differences.

Representing the Wiccan religion and contemporary Paganism, Rev. Selena Fox has been a speaker and delegate at a variety of international interreligious conferences, including the World Council of Churches Women’s International Interfaith Dialogue Conference (1988, Toronto, Ontario, Canada); International Environmental Ethics Conference (1990, Iowa); Human Unity Conference (Chicago, 1980); Nature Religion Today (1996, Ambleside, England); Interfaith Women’s Healing Conference (1992, Newfoundland, Canada); Re-enchantment (1997, Winchester, England); and Parliament of the World’s Religions (1993, Chicago; 1999, Cape Town, South Africa; 2004, Barcelona, Spain). Rev. Fox is a member of the 250 member Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders associated with the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

For many years, Rev. Fox has served as a consultant on Wiccan religious accommodation issues to chaplains in the US military, corrections, colleges and universities, hospices, mental health clinics, and hospitals. She is among the religious leaders appointed to and presently serving on the Religious Practices Advisory committee to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. She also has served as an advisor on Wiccan, Pagan, and Nature religions religious accommodation issues to the Pentagon and US Department of Justice.



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