New Asatru Lore Study Group

Hail all you gentle readers,

Just to let you know a new study group will be having its inaugural meeting.  With the primary focus on studying historical texts describing the Viking period, such as the sagas and eddas, time and discussion will also be given to the Havamal, differences in translation and periphery sources.

The group is not fundamentally tutor-led but will be guided for the first couple of sessions regarding the first text we choose to study.

No basic knowledge is needed before attending, if you’re already passionate about all things viking, have a passing interest in a saga or two, or are just curious as to what Asatru/ Odinists/ Heathens get up to, you’re welcome.  Likewise, if you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to tell them 🙂

The first meeting is set for the 25th February, at Chandlers Bar, St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield from 1-3pm.  For further information, please contact Amalasuntha directly, leave a comment on this page, or e-mail the contact us address in the sidebar.


7 thoughts on “New Asatru Lore Study Group

  1. Hail and Welcome Gunnar,
    If you’re going to be in a bar I’ll swap you details of how it went for details of the game? If not, the bar I’m going to doesn’t have a public television installed, so it should be at least moderately quiet. 🙂


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