Photography and walk on Stanton Moor

Looking at the nice heavy frosts yesterday morning, we here at your official Chesterfield Pagan website thought that it was about time for another ramble out into the countryside to take the country air and record the season with some pictures.  If you’d like to join us out and about walking across Stanton Moor and visiting the Nine Ladies Stone Circle for a bit, then here are the details:

Stanton Moor and Nine Ladies ramble:

Meet on Sunday 22nd January at 1pm at the car parking at Birchover Road, (which leads out from the top of Birchover towards Stanton-in-the-Peak.  Leave Birchover village, go past Birchover Stone Ltd Quarry on your right, and the car parking is alongside the road on the right hand side under the trees.)  Just the check you’re in the right place, you should be able to see an entrance to the moor fairly near to your car, and also at least a pair of familiar faced loitering bodies 🙂

Terrain: most of you have probably been up there before, but if not, the terrain is fairly easy going, with the occasion large rock or steps to negotiate depending on which routes we take.  The paths are sandy soil and mostly flat, but can become shallow puddles if it’s rained recently.

We should be all done for 4pm, and setting off home again before dusk.

See you then 🙂


(Sunset will occur between 1624-1629hrs at the Nine Ladies on 22 January.)


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