Chesterfield Psychic Study Group Future Meetings

Hail gentle readers, this comes from Cherril:

Speakers for the next meetings of the Chesterfield Psychic Study Group have now been set:

January 13th – Lynne Harling on local pre-history Ley-Lines and Sacred Landscapes.
February 10th – Annual General Meeting and a DVD (surprise!).
March 9th – Shane talking about Mediumship and Crystal Skulls.
April 13th – Ann Davies talking about Spirit Art and how she does it.
May 11th – Stefan Lobuczek (as seen on History Channel) talking about his personal Alien Experiences.
June 15th – David Croft talk and demonstration on his own version of the Tarot “Oracle X“.
All evenings are £2 on the door (except the AGM which is 50p).  Light refreshments and biscuits are provided.
The talks start at 7.15 p.m. in  The Walton Room of the Chesterfield Community Centre, off South Place, Chesterfield, S40 1QU
Non members welcome, but you will be asked to become a member (no charge –  and you have the option of signing up to a groovy mailling list!).
So if you have an evening free, and would like to spend it learning something new, or just meeting some new faces, £2 is not such a big ask – and when you throw in a coffee and a biscuit as well, the deal just gets better 🙂  If you need to know any more, please contact Cherril directly, or leave a comment here and we’ll pass it on.

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