And Now We are Two!

This site is now officially another year older, and we’re still going strong. Since this time last year, as a group we’ve had another Hasfest, organised the Summer Camp for Derbyshire Pagans, had beautiful rituals for the Summer Solstice and Samhain.  Some attended the Rural Craft Camp and formed the Dragonwood Drummers, some of us made it to Mercian Camp and others went to see Mugenkyo at Buxton, we’ve had talks on Crystos Technique Regression, Chaos Reiki, Meditation,  glass blowing, held the goblin market, held regular drumming nights, and a veritable boat load of other pagan type events, oh and there was a small matter of our handfasting in August 😉

You might not know it, but we’re a little way past our 200th post – so a few more than our first year.  Here’s to another few yet 🙂


One thought on “And Now We are Two!

  1. Congratulations you keep it entertaining and informative, your doing a great job. Looking forward to more postings :0)x

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