Earth From Above – Another Space Video

(This was sent to me by a work colleague: thanks, Matt.)

The International Space Station Expeditions 28 and 29 took time-lapse images of Earth’s surface as they orbited around 300km above it.  The station travels at a rather impressive 17,000 mph, and so circles the planet roughly once every ninety minutes.  That means the crew get to work the ultimate in shift work: every shift is a night shift and a day shift, alternating over and over again…  It’d drive me nuts.  But, on the other hand, they do get a beautiful sunrise and sunset every hour and a half – and they get to the see our tiny little world from a perspective that most of us can only imagine.  Or could, until they very kindly started recording video for those of us stuck under the clouds.

Take a look (try to ignore the seriously odd ‘music’ choice – I’m reasonably sure it’s supposed to sound like that), and you’ll see the lights of human civilisation, the sparks of distant thunderstorms, the magnificent green glow of the aurora, the glorious starfields…  Even the station itself contributes to the picture, with sun and earthlight reflected from its solar arrays and radiators as they shift angles through the day.

Hope you enjoy it, and once again, thanks to the international space travellers who take time to film these videos for us.


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