Walk and photography

Hail readers,

You may have noticed the occasional photograph taken by Tiro and myself getting onto these pages, we usually take these whilst out and about for a few hours trundling around a specific place.  We wondered gentle reader, if you would like to join us for our next photographic trip out – some folks have expressed an interest in a gentle amble through places nature based, with camera in hand to record and marvel at the seasons changing scenes.

We tend to have a gentle stroll around wherever, and only go out in the dry sunshine – not because we’re allergic to rain, but because the rain and the low light plays heck with the resulting photographs.  If it rains on the day, we’ll just have a quick walk somewhere, or alternatively find a cafe to hole up in and have a nice hot drink and a slice of cake.

For this we offer the date of Sunday 27th November, and propose that we meet up at 11am – which should give us enough light to work by (sunset is calculated at around 4pm) to take a few shots and have a wonder round wherever we decide to go.  The walk will be at a slow to steady pace, with plenty of opportunity and time to take pictures of your own.  Depending on where we end up, the ground could be quite squishy and uneven given the current season – leave the jimmy choos at home 😉

We have a few reoccurring favourite locations, and some new ones we haven’t been to take pictures of before: our proposal is to go out onto Curbar Edge.  It’s not an absolute, and if there’s a place people would prefer to go, we’re quite happy going there instead.  We’d be out for a maximum of four hours, planning to be all done and dusted by 3pm so people don’t have to drive home at dusk.

So, if you’d like to join us, give us a nudge by comment, text or by e-mail: we’ll be going anyway regardless, but to have a few others along would be fab 🙂  Those that express an interest in coming along: watch out for a future post giving details of exactly where to meet up.


2 thoughts on “Walk and photography

  1. Hi there! I think wolfman and I would love to join you. Maybe not for the photographs but the walking would be good!

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