Samhain gathering

The Samhain gathering and open ritual hosted by Chesterfield Pagans was last night, those who attended were treated to a wild night of blustery winds, a profound ritual around the fire honouring the ancestors, a multitude of folks in fancy dress – the little ones deserve an especial mention for their enthusiasm here – a pumpkin carving competition, prayers and poems, and beautifully decorated ancestor shrine in rememberance of those passed on.

During this mornings clearing up, there were a number of items found, which might just belong to folks who attended.  In all the dark firelight something may just have got lost, or at least seperated from those who had come to remember and celebrate lives past.  If you happen to be missing an item or two, just give us a nudge, we may just be holding it for safekeeping.

We leave you now with the splendid sight of the carved pumpkin conclave placed this morning in the nearby hawthorns and photographed by Cherril:



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