Pagan Who’s who 4: Wendy Rule “life was enormous and magnificent”

The Pagan Who’s who series contains information about current and recent notaries which have contributed to, or influenced the modern pagan scene.  Some names you may know already, some you may not, but all these people are dedicated and hard-working in their own particular specialised fields.  For pagan, spiritual , occult or faith matters who from the last generation influences and inspires you?

Wendy Rule is an Australian singer/ songwriter who has given her personal belief in paganism as a direct influence on her work.  Her 6th album Guided by Venus was released in 2010.

Wendys career spans many years, her first album arriving in 1996, after the birth of her son, Reuben. All of her music draws on her love of nature, and lifetime fascination with the worlds of fairy and magic. Her music has been described as “visionary journeys full of the extremes of passion from the most gentle to the most sweeping”, she continues to tour the world, playing the majority of concerts in her native Australia.
For Wendy, her music has a magical and spiritual purpose, and her main tool for connecting to the divine world of Nature and Magic.


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