Restrictions Around Pendle Hill at Hallowe’en

In recent years, Pendle Hill in Lancashire, near the town of Clitheroe, has become a popular Hallowe’en destination. Its association with the 1612 Pendle witch trials has made it a key location for those with an interest in the occult and witchcraft in general.

Image of Pendle Hill in Lancashire

In recent years, Hallowe’en has become quite the event at Pendle Hill, with travelling fair operators and caterers pitching up to, well, cater to the witch-hunting masses. It’s become rather a problem for the local community, and to address these concerns this year the Lancashire police and local council have stepped up their restrictions on visitors to the site around 31 October.

In case any visitors to this site are thinking of travelling to Pendle, for the revels or out of historical or spiritual interest, please be aware that there are restrictions on traffic movement and parking, and that access to the site is going to be very limited. To avoid disappointment, you might want to check this announcement on the Lancashire Constabulary website.


One thought on “Restrictions Around Pendle Hill at Hallowe’en

  1. This has been the norm now for a few years, as it was turning into a circus. When I was a lad things were very different. Many people were afraid to visit Pendle Hill at Hallowe’en. Maybe they thought the Pendle Witches would be there!! What will happen next year when the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witches will be observed?
    Frank Watson, Clitheroe

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