Samhain Ritual further details

Hail to one and all,

Just to let you know that we have some further details for the the open Samhain Ritual to be held on the 29th October at the New Inn, Mansfield Road, Chesterfield.

As well as the pumpkin carving competition and the open ritual itself, there will be a poetry competition open to all on the theme of Halloween/ Samhain, to be judged on the night for a secret donated prize, so get writing! There will also be apple bobbing for young and old alike, so if you fancy your chances, bring a dry jumper just in case 🙂

On a more traditional note, there will be an altar of respect set up for those who have passed on, please bring any photographs of those deceased you wish to honour and remember on this night of ancestors, so that we can all pay our respects.

Cherril and Simon also ask that you bring a candle or tea light to light during the ceremony.  If you have any questions or queries, you can either leave a comment, or contact them directly.

All are welcome to come celebrate and remember our families and friends, those ancestors and those who once walked paths alongside us.


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