An announcement

Ladies and jellyspoons, your attention please.  It has come to our most recent of attentions that today is a very special day.  Seven years ago today, three intrepid ladies sat in a quiet pub on a Tuesday evening looking at each other and saying ‘do you think anyone else is going to come?’

Ladies, you needn’t have worried, we did, and have done in our droves since that night seven years ago.  Seven years since the very first meeting of the Chesterfield Pagans as a sub-group of Derbyshire Pagans.  ‘Tis a long time, and somewhat before mine (even though it seems like I’ve been here ages…).  Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength: from organising the summer camp last year, to three successful (and mad) years of Hasfest,  two years of drumming group, the purchase of our own marquee and generator,  one off events such as the Walk of Faith, a multitude of open rituals, new members arriving and old faces returning, randomly mad Yule Ball productions in the finest possible tradition of amateur, and this years visit to the Rural Craft Camp en masse, the list goes on.

if you happen to have a favourite memory of your experiences, drop a comment: ’tis an opportunistic time to remember the past and the good things it’s brought us.  For me personally, it’s standing outside a certain pub, putting forth the idea for Beowulf the Musical three years ago.  I already knew it was going to be mental, and yet I felt strangely safe enough to put it forward, and daring to ask for volunteers.  And we all know how that turned out, oh yes.
I have wonderful memories of the day we spent tie-dyeing cloth to make decorations for the marquee, and our handfasting in August.  Sharing in some of the most profound rituals I have done in the presence of others, to learning and doing talks at the moots.  So many precious things that I have memories of, sharing time, laughter and knowledge with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

And it none of this would have been possible without the leader we don’t have.  So from us all to you: thank you.


3 thoughts on “An announcement

  1. My fondest memory as to be this years camp.I really felt as though we were all part of a community,and it was fantastic that all the core members contributed to all the workshops and organising.
    Here is to the nexy seven years and beond.I look forward to sharing even more merry memorys with all of you.

    Blessings and thanks,Del

  2. so many things to talk about, so many new and old freinds, now called family. The most memorable for me and the most fun is the Yule ball productions ‘Beowulf the musical, side splitting stuff, the codpiece. The 300, with a cast of 1000s oh sorry 10.’ the Naivety’ aka’ carry on up the stable ‘to be among like minded ‘nutcases’ who could ask for more? To be priveleged to be there at the start of 7 glorious years years with a’ leader’ we don’t have. I feel blessed. Haail to you. May we have many, many, many more.

  3. Wow its been a blast guys and galls and seems like yesterday since we started , i never expected it to be so fabulous i have met some of the most wonderful people in the past 7 years and an proud of all of us for building a strong community and am privileged be part of it all and even tho I’m an eency weency bit bossy boots sometimes and keep comin up with more and more ludicrous ideas its only cos i want everyone to have a good good time, feel comfortable, accepted and secure in their own community luv you guys thank you for a fab 7 years SHAMANISMPAGANISMROCKANDROLL

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