Staffordshire Pagans Masked Samhain Ball

If anyone fancies a night out with like-minded bods from across the border (but we’re pagans, there are no borders!)  Alright, a night out across the current geo-political arbitrary lines…

Cherril  brings us information about the Staffordshire Annual Masked Samhain Ball, which is to be held on the 22nd October this year, at the village hall in Slitting Mill.  It will be £3.50 entrance, please take your own drinks and a little something for the food share.  For further details Cherril is able to give a contact number if anyone should want it.  You can either contact her directly, or leave a comment and we’ll pass it on.

Also: take a mask: might be a tad useless as a masked ball otherwise.  Just a thought.  🙂


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