Autumn at Chatsworth Gardens

Hail the Autumn Court! I love the bright colours of this season, yellows, oranges, pinks and reds, together with muted greens, deep browns and clear crisp skies in pale blue.  Recently Tiro and I were fortunate in visiting the wonderful gardens at Chatsworth House, to capture the beginning of this colourful season:

There is plenty of colour left in plant leaves:

And flowers for that matter:

There are even a few water lilies left nestling between expansive leaves

I’ve finally worked out how to use the sepia setting on my camera: here’s one of my favourites from the day – a late bee on a dying flower:

The Chatsworth Estate is full of artwork – statues, sculptures, classical and modern works dot the landscape, often tucked behind corners, or in unexpected clearings. I made an exception to my usual rule of not photographing things deliberately man made, when we came across this chap:

This final picture is that of reeds at the waters edge


3 thoughts on “Autumn at Chatsworth Gardens

    • Thank you, that would be nice. My camera is very old and perhaps wouldn’t get the same results as yours, but willing to try.
      Last night’s moot was very lively; discussion still going on a-pace when I left at 10 pm. Quite a few new faces there. The website is really working to attract people.
      Hope to see you at next drumming.Blessings, Anne.

  1. It’s taken me a while to learn to see them – sometimes it’s an odd angle, sometimes it’s waiting for the light, and most of the time it’s just plain luck 🙂 If you look back at some of the very earliest pictures I took and posted up, the shots are very different to now!
    Also, having a digital camera helps, on an average trip out to take photos, Tiro and I will take a couple of hundred between us in an afternoon, then spend a good few hours afterwards discarding shots, and digitally processing the ones we like. We could give you a nudge the next time we plan a photo excursion? You’re welcome to come with 🙂

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