Our Handfasting – A Thank You

Greetings, lovely readers,

As you’ll know, Amalasuntha and I generally try not to treat this here site as our own personal soapbox. I assure you, if it were, there’d be a sight more posts from me, rambling on about what I think about everything that happens to cross my path from one day to the next. But, while we don’t want to treat this as a personal blog, today we’re sort of going to, and we hope you’ll bear with us.

As our regular readers may be aware, Amalasuntha and I tied a certain knot this weekend, with a handfasting ceremony and associated frolics last Saturday. Thankfully, despite my expectation of a deluge, the rain kindly held off and it all went swimmingly. (That was a really bad choice of phrase in the context, wasn’t it?)

So we thought we would take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to those of you who were able to join us on the day, and who worked so hard to make it as truly fantastic a day as it turned out to be. From setting up the marquee, helping organise the food share, to clearing up, participating in the ritual and cheerfully helping to frighten the daylights out of a small, sleepy traditional village with mad drumming and hilarity, your support and involvement was very much appreciated, and without you it wouldn’t have been a fraction of the day it was. So thank you all, very much indeed.

We’d also like to add something else, too. There were many people there on the day who didn’t really have any previous knowledge of paganism – except for what they knew of us – and we know a fair number of them were, to say the least, unsure about what to expect. The comments we’ve had back since have been universally positive, about the whole day, the ceremony itself, and – perhaps most importantly – the welcome you gave pagan and non-pagan alike. It’s fair to say that you left a deep, positive impression on everyone who met you; but we mention this despite the fact that it came as no real surprise to us. Because we already know you: we know what good, big-hearted, welcoming, joyful, passionate (ahem) and compassionate people you are. They didn’t, and now they do. You’ve not only made a lasting impression on your own behalf, but you’ve also given a fantastic account of the pagan community as a whole. We’ve always been proud to be a part of your community, and this weekend you made us prouder still. We feel very blessed to have you as such a big part of our lives. We wish you all as much happiness in your lives as we gained on that one day 🙂 It goes without saying that this also applies to those of you who weren’t able to join us on the day, so don’t worry if you didn’t manage to make it.

Also, do worry as we have lots of photos – as soon as they’re sorted and processed we’ll make sure to show you. All of them.

Run. Run for your lives. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our Handfasting – A Thank You

  1. Twas a lovely day, thanks for the invite. Loved the way everyone mingled together and that the villagers didn’t throw things when we drummed our way to the Handfasting site, in fact some even smiled:0)

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