Pagan Picnics in the Park

The Pagan Federation sends news of the forthcoming picnic in the park, at Elvaston Castle Country Park, near Derby. The date is the 28th August 2011.

The Elvaston Castle Pagan Picnic in the Park is an independent family friendly event open to Pagans and Pagan friendly individuals, irrespective of age, gender ethnicity, Pagan Tradition or number of heads.

Gather from noon onwards, on the Castle side of the lake.  Bring food and drink to share, musical instruments (optional) and games. Dress up or wear your robes (again optional).
Although sponsored by the Pagan Federation this event is not associated with any one particular national organisation or Pagan Tradition and is not part of an organised recruitment drive.

This is a free event although the park does charge for parking.

Elvaston Castle is a public park. Waving sharp pointy things, going skyclad and skinny-dipping in the lake are strictly forbidden. (Just so’s you know – ed.)

For more information contact Chattering Magpie on 0775 472 42 13 or click the link HERE


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