The Medicinal Uses of Plants – Lecture by Dr Patrick Harding

You remember this chap, came  to the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield to do a  lecture on Hearts of Oak a little while ago?  Well, he’s coming back to talk about the Medicinal Uses of Plants this time, the blurb reads:

An illustrated talk in the many ways that plants have been and still are used in medicine.  From 60,000 years ago up to modern times we will look at a history of the use of plants in medicine.  Plants mentioned will include foxglove, willow and meadow saffron, plus the source of modern drugs from plants such as the yew tree (taxol) and melilot (warfarin)

Dr Patrick Harding is a lecturer at Cambridge University, having listened to his lectures before, they are highly informative and entertaining, with an easy to listen to style of delivery and pace.  Well worth the small price of an admission ticket!
The cost for this floral mighty medicinal marvel is a fantastically low £5.70 per adult, or £4.30 for concessions and is happening on 23rd November 2011, at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield, to start for 7.30pm.

You can purchase your tickets direct from the Winding Wheel venue either online, or at the box office on 01246 345334/345222




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