Mugenkyo Drummers at Mansfield

This is perhaps a borderline pagan topic, but seen as most of us drum in one form or another:

Mugenkyo are playing the Mansfield Palace Theatre on 19th October.  For those who haven’t heard of them before, they’re the UK’s only official taiko drumming group, weaving traditional Japanese rhythms into ecstatic performances which border on the hypnotically euphoric.   Mugenkyo seem to effortlessly turn drumming into theatre, there’s some footage available to view on their website if you’re not sure 🙂  Personally I have seen them a good few times over the last decade and the show is always well worth the cost of the admission.  Just for those what need to know: there was the use of masks and dancers the last time we saw them.  If you get all excited, you can sign up for their newsletter on the website, or even go to their dojo in Scotland to learn to play on one of their weekend courses.

So, we here at the website were thinking that perhaps we could make a Pagans Night Out of it?  Mansfield’s not that far away, and the tickets ( and optional earplugs…) aren’t that much at £16 adults, £14 concs.?  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Mugenkyo Drummers at Mansfield

  1. I went to a shamanic healing Therapy Fair about 4 years ago in Mansfield, staying at a Hall. I believe it was stopped because Pagans were part of the events at the time. I really loved every second and I’ve not found anything like it in Bedford. The Shamanic Drumming session had a huge impact on me. I would like to find that again. I am visiting Mansfield next weekend. If someone knows of any events.

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