And we’re back!

…normal service will now be resumed.

What can we say but, What a Weekend.  We here at your actual Chesterfield Pagans Website would firstly like to thank everyone: crew, participants and special guests for making it a truly awesome weekend 🙂  We hope you all arrived back safe and sound into reality, drop us a comment to let us know you got back safe, or just to say hello 🙂

Secondly a sound and hearty Hail and Welcome to all the folks finding us for the first time after meeting us at the camp, feel free to have a nosey round the site, and drop us any links or information for your own groups which we can duly connect to.  That way, not only do we get to keep in touch, but also get to create a reciprocal network of individuals, services and trades 🙂

If you happen to have captured some events of the weekend on film, such as the beautiful sunsets, the drumming and fire poi displays, any of the workshops, talks or demonstrations or the Saturday night Shamanic Lammas ritual e-mail them to us and we’ll put them up on a permanent page (crediting you for them!)  when we have an imminent moment 🙂

In the meantime, here are some of the pictures taken by us both over the weekend:

Above is the whole site – an entire field’s worth – you can see the two marquees, the music tent and the sheer number of people who came (or at least their tents/ caravans/cars…)

On Thursday and Saturday night, chaps with fire poi came out to play: here’s a photograph from one such chap, using a 15 second shot so the movement of the poi can be tracked in a single picture.

We were lucky enough to be blessed with some beautiful sunsets whilst at camp, here is one such 🙂

And now back to reality: time to wash, clean, and otherwise make kit ready for the next such occasion, wrestle the socks into the washing machine and prepare the brains for the post camp blues and things of more pressing mundane attentions, such as where all the clean socks went in your absence, and which bag your comb ended up in… Still, the memories of the weekend will endure, and persist past missing socks, work, school, college, chores or whatever else you have lined up for the next few days.


5 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Hi Everyone

    Thought we would have to turn back at the first hurdle (not being able to get through the gate never mind up the hill) but thanks to Dave and his truck we managed to make it to camp. And so glad we did.
    A brill weekend, although having the stall I didn’t get to all the workshops I would have liked and the toilets were – let’s just say an experience I don’t readily wish to repeat in the near future.
    Thanks again to the organisers and we’re looking forward to the next one already.
    Bright Blessings to all of you.
    Gill n Richard

  2. Had a fabulous weekend, well done to Gwen and all the other folk who made it happen… Soooo looking forward to the next one.
    Blessings to all.
    Jayne, Nicky, Natasha, Jasmine and the babies and the mad dog Tops x

  3. Many thanks to all the hardworking crew and those that held workshops for a great weekend. Loved it! Looking forward to returning next year 🙂
    Warm blessings
    Del (Northampton)

  4. Beautiful Camp. Fantastic workshops. Wonderful People. A Big thank you to all who created such a wonderful camp. And a Huge Big Thank you to All who Came along to make it so Special. What a great weekend Thanks.

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