Lammas Camp 2011 Schedule

Is here!

Please find below the official schedule for the Lammas Camp 2011, I’ve linked the schedule as a PDF file, please contact us here if you can’t open it, and I’ll send you a version out by e-mail.  The locations for events are across the top of the page, the times run down the side: let the countdown begin!

lammas camp schedule

If there’s something you like the sound of, and it requires you to bring something – remember to bring it!  the workshops on Mask Making, Witches Ladder and the Shamanic Tool Awakening Ceremony all ask you to bring things!

If at any time you manage to forget what’s on where, which lets’ face it, with a schedule this packed, might just happen – them come and find the folks at the Welcome tents and they’ll sort you out in the right direction 🙂
Just a note, when a single pagan organises something, things have a small chance of sliding into pagan time; with this many pagans being involved, well, lets just say that pagan time is much more likely ;p

See you there 🙂

If you are running a workshop/lecture/teaching session and would like people to know a bit more about it, send in your short descriptions of what you’ll be covering and we’ll put them up here: Participants: if you’d like to know more about a particular workshop or activity, please drop a comment and we’ll ask the organiser to tell you a bit more about it!

19/7/2011 UPDATED:  NEW: Power Animal Workshop added: Msg from Cherril the facilitator: if you would like to participate in this, please bring a pillow or cushion for your head if you intend to lie down!  Otherwise, please bring a  chair to sit on.


2 thoughts on “Lammas Camp 2011 Schedule

  1. Message from Pat regarding the camp schedule: Could you put Jean Douglas down for Friday PM? She will do an ‘Introduction to Shamanism’ and a Journey.

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