Lammas Camp 2011

Hail one and all, just to let you know that the shape of this years Lammas Camp is slowly taking shape.  You know what I mean… soon there’ll be a post confirming the activities, displays, workshops and lectures on offer and this is where you get have a think: some of the workshops will require you to do a little prep beforehand if you want to participate.  For example there’s a ritual drum awakening ceremony planned, which, if you want to take part and awaken a drum, you might just need a drum to bring with you.  Otherwise you could look a tad sheepish trying to awaken a drum shaped void…so the short is: find out if the things you want to attend need you to bring stuff, or prep a little beforehand.

Soon on this very site, will be a confirmed list of stuff, together with clear instructions if you as a participant, need to do anything, or bring something with you.  Keep eyes peeled please, and I’ll keep the post non-confusing when it finally arrives.

For those running workshops and the like, if you’d like people to know what it’s all about, please send in flavour text and any instructions you want people to have.  That way, if a person needs to decide between attending one thing or another, they can make a choice on the information available rather than taking pot luck and getting all gnarly, finding out it’s not really their thing and wishing they’d given the other a go instead ;p

Even if you’re working on Pagan Time, you should be thinking about getting tickets by now.  They’re still available on the Eventbrite site just a few clicks away (link at the top of the sidebar), or in persons from the lovely Gwen in Chesterfield, or Emma at the Cromford moots.  Don’t just think about it, go get some!


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