A view of a Witches Wedding

Some of you will know that Cherill and Simon got Handfasted last July, and one of their guests was a young chap called Sam.  He wrote an essay about the day for his teachers at school, which Cherril thought you all might like to read:

The Witches Wedding by Sam

The following a true story told by a young boy, who attended our Handfasting in July 2010. He wrote this as an essay for school. When the teacher read it, she accused Sam of lying, until his mother put her right. Can you see why? I have put in punctuation for ease of reading, but the words are purely his!

First we went to town to buy a present. We went to a shop in diagon alley. I had never seen this shop before. It had dreamcatchers and stones with black markings painted on them and it smelt really, really nice in the shop. We brought a piece of a tree with dumbledore on it. When we got to the wedding we played on a swing and a slide.
 Then the witch came. She was not flying on a broom but she was walking. She had flowers in her hair and she was beautiful and had a long green dress on. I think she was the nice witch in the wizard of oz. Then the wizard came and met her. He had a long black cape on and lots of belts on his trousers. There was not any cats or spells though. Then everyone made a big circle and some played drums with their hands. They were very heavy. There was a man who looked like Hagrid. He was playing a drum and he let my mum play it to. I asked him about the wedding and he told me it was a handfastening. I saw them tieing their hands together and he said that’s why people say tieing the knot meaning to get married. It was funny when they climbed over the broomstick. I asked David about this but he was just being silly and talked nonsense. My mum took a picnic. That bit was good because I don’t like all the food stuff at weddings but I liked all that food.
 And there was a market and mum brought a dreamcatcher, a wooden round circle with spiderwebs in it and feathers on it. She also bought some pointed witches hats and a cauldron to burn them in. They smell very nice. All the witches and wizards were in their clothes and cloaks and looked amazing. But I was odd because I only had trousers and a jumper on. They must have thought I looked funny. And there was a fire in the middle of the field that they all danced round at night. Well I think they did. We had to go so I imagined they all danced to celebrate the marriage. I remember the man who looked like Dumbledore told me they are not called witches but they are called wikapedias.”

Hail Sam and thank you for such a wonderful account, it made us all smile 🙂


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